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D | 2021 | Documentary | 15 Min. | TV Premiere KIKA: 17.04.2022

On behalf of ZDF tivi

Language English & German(OV) German VO

Production countries SE

Filmmaker Susanne Bohlmann & Christopher Hawkins

Camera Christopher Hawkins & Susanne Bohlmann

Editor Susanne Bohlmann

Logline Marc likes to gamble - with and without friends. His parents think he should experience more real adventures and are planning a trip through the Swedish wilderness. What awaits the 13-year-old there?

Story It's Marc's 13th birthday - a teenager at last! And summer vacation to boot. But instead of spending the summer gambling with friends, playing on his cell phone and lounging around on the sofa, Marc is going out of town on the trip of a lifetime. His parents, documentary filmmakers Susanne and Christopher, have set their sights on seeing a white moose, and that's only possible in Sweden. Of the 400,000 moose, only about 100 have white fur and are therefore extremely rare. To see this once in free nature is the goal. But an outdoor tour is not Marc's dream of a summer. His first reaction to the plan was shock. "The whole summer?!", "What about my friends?!", "Do I even have wifi there?!" But after the last rather boring Corona summer and an incredible persuasion of his mother including several spectacular adventure clips on Youtube, he says: "Yes, ok - then".

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