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GER | 2006 - today| Documentary | about 90 min.

Language Ger Production Countries DEU

Director Susanne Bohlmann Producer Christopher Hawkins

Camera Anna Baranowski & Susanne Bohlmann

Anna - im öffentlicen Raum

Logline Conceptual artists are driven by their fierce belief in something, but it's not always clear what. We follow Anna Baranowski from first day at art school to her first major commission where she collected her own shit in a freezer for 6 months...

She feels undervalued and underpaid, what exactly keeps her going? 

Anna Baranowski works on omnipresent, existential questions of the human being in highly diminished and accented way. The techniques vary between video installation, photography, sculpture and interventions in the media public space. An always returning subject of her works is the struggle between power and weakness in modern society. But Anna Baranowski does not omit herself from scrutiny. Starting with reflection on her own person and her role as an artist, she reflects collective phenomena of human behaviour. Observations of humans in the mass-media discourse serve as the resource for her social studies. Besides, contemporary mass media open to her doors to worlds that once have been closed."

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